“Well, if everyone is having such extraordinary years, let me hear some stories so that I can drag my ‘backside’ to the starting line!” And no, my client did not use the word “backside!” But he had read about my new workshop, the first of 2021, and truly wanted to be among the people planning and designing an extraordinary year.

I started with Garrett’s story. I chose his story because Garrett humorously referred to himself as a “network-marketing-company-a-month” guru. I used his story first because my client had started several small businesses in the past few years. I thought he might relate.

Garret came to me because I had spoken at a network marketing conference, one of his sign-ups de jour! I had mentioned my “design an extraordinary year” workshop. He had hoped that learning more about the piece I did on “focus” might help him.  He thought more focus might help him stay with one company for more than a month. And that perhaps if he did that, he could succeed in a business.

I referred Garrett to my workshop, which he attended. He came with his arms folded, slumped down in his chair. It was as if he was challenging me: “Let’s see if you can get through to me!” 

As usual, I was walking around the room as individuals were introducing themselves.  They were in their small groups and were answering my questions, “Why are you here? What brought you here?”

I happened to be behind Garrett when he said, “Because she made me,” as he pointed to the front of the room. I put my head over his shoulder and said, “Good to know I’m powerful! I’ll sell you my $50,000 program!” (No, I do not have a $50,000 program, but he got the point!)

I saw him begin to lean in.  I was talking about not only having your “why“ (fire in your belly), but also the great significance of having a “fire on your backside!“ I could see something was clicking internally for him.

At the end of the workshop, I always ask if anybody would like to volunteer to share their experience. Garrett was the first on his feet. He said with great confidence, “This is the first time in 50 years that I’ve had a plan that is outlined with actions. And I feel totally confident about it! And whatever her $50,000 program is, I’m in!“ (His group laughed hysterically, and of course no one else “got it!“)

So I explained the joke to the rest of the group and then looked at him and said “Garrett, I don’t have a $50,000 program. But if I had $50,000 cash, I would bet it on an extraordinary year for you just based on what I’ve seen and heard today! But would you let me know your year turns out so I can let everyone in this group know?”

He agreed, and about seven months later, I received an extraordinary email from him. This is what the email said:

“Dr. Neecie, I knew halfway through that day in your workshop that something was happening in me. I can’t find it, I just know it happened.

“I follow the guidelines you gave us exactly.  I do my power proclamation out loud every morning. I keep my gratitude journal.

“Part of my power proclamation was about making wise decisions and committing to them.  I felt drawn to return to the network marketing company where I had met you.

“My first major accomplishment was making it past the 30-day mark. My second major accomplishment was actually receiving a check. Not a big check, not an overnight wonder, but a check. And that’s all I’m going to say about that!

“Over the course of the next few months, I caught a vision of a new additional division that that company needed. Following my plan, I set up action steps to pursue that.

“Long story short, I was asked to start the division, and rather than take a salary, I chose to take an override of the business coming through that division. Talk about fire on my backside!

“I just received my first override check.  Just a few months after starting the division, the check was five figures. I can tell you that I think my wife fell in love with me again! LOL!

“But more importantly, I wanted to be a success so I could mentor other young men to be a success in the network marketing business. I have already helped five young men replace their J/O/B income and see their success story. There has been nothing in my professional life, including major awards in a Fortune 500 company, that has been more rewarding than this.

“If you ever develop your 50 K program, just let me know and count me in!

“Forever grateful, Garrett”

I could see the light in the eyes of my client flicker as I shared Garrett’s story. He just nodded as he looked at me, curiosity in his eyes.

He asked: “Is every story, miraculous?“

I smiled at him and said, “Unfortunately, no. But I’ve noted that the success stories come from those who show up for the workshop with expectation, roll up their sleeves and do the work.“

We both chuckled as he leaned forward, rolled up both of his sleeves, and said, “I’m ready!“

So you’ll have to thank him for hearing the story about Garrett.

In my first workshop of 2021, I’ll be teaching and guiding people like Garrett (and likely YOU) through designing an extraordinary year. I bet you are ready for the same opportunity. If so, click here for more info!

I always like to balance the playing field, because it’s not just men or women, not just executives or moms, not just young adults or retired adults that get results. I shared Garrett’s story. But now let me tell you a story about a young mom, Jenna.

Jenna came to my program because her mother’s boss had been through the program years before.  I had suggested that she tell her daughter about it.

Jenna came just a bit overwhelmed and desperate. Her soon-to-be ex-husband had left her, their two-year-old daughter, and four-year-old son.  He had left for another relationship.

Jenna was concerned that she did not have enough skills or certifications to earn enough to even cover child care for her two babies. And she certainly did not want them in child care.  She and her husband had decided early on that she would be a stay-at-home, homeschool Mom.

She shared her story in the large group, and she was showered with compassion. I did tell her that this workshop was not necessarily about handling a financial crisis.  But that we could still help her design an extraordinary year, despite her heartbreaking circumstances.

I could see from the front of the room that she was soaking in every piece of information and playing full-out in every exercise.

She came up to me privately when the workshop was over and said, “I was given the symbolic gift of confidence by every single member in our group awards ceremony. Somehow, I’m in the worst circumstance of my life, but I feel confident that I can and will get through it!”

We exchanged a cheerful hug, and I asked her to stay in touch.

A few months later, I heard from her. By no accident, she had ended up in a workshop group with someone in charge of a homeschool co-op.

She had mentioned to the group that one dream she had was about preparing nutritious, creative meals for her children.  She knew our culture tends to lean toward fast food and sugar.

Not by accident, the homeschool co-op leader invited her to speak to the group. Not only did it boost her confidence, but other moms asked if they could order some of her creative meals.

She now has a nice business working from home.  She makes more than enough money to support herself and her two children.

“But Dr. Neecie … the best part is that I had literally cried out to God to let me stay at home with my children and homeschool them. He heard me, and this year has truly been extraordinary, despite my divorce!”

There are many stories I could have shared with my client. And many more I could share with you.

My greatest hope is that you will learn how to design an extraordinary year. Now. Whether you are 16 or 61, 28 or 82 — it’s not too soon, and it’s not too late!

I know personally that my life has become dramatically different since I began planning and designing an extraordinary year, year after year! I just want that for you too!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about drifting. I was recently speaking to an amazing man. He has had a great career. He has impacted the lives of many others. But then he encountered some unexpected turbulent waters in his life. He told me that at some point, he just began to drift. He said, “I ended up in a faraway country in my mind, my heart and my spirit.”

I knew exactly what he meant. It happens to all of us. It happened to many of us around March 2020 when we lost jobs, had our kids sent home to school online, lost businesses, struggled financially, and in our health. Many have ended up in a “faraway country” in their hearts and minds.

I am inviting you home. Come home to your hopes and dreams. Come home to a new beginning. Come home and design an extraordinary year!