Five Bonuses Tips to Make 2022 An EXTRAORDINARY Year

“Things just got so busy through the holidays I just didn’t have time to design my extraordinary year. But I guess there’s always next year.“

I looked at him with what he called disgust, but actually it was great determination! My response: “I guess there’s always next week.“

He said he knew at that moment that he I was not going to let him off the hook. He was exactly right!

And I don’t want to let you off the hook either!

It’s OK if you got too busy over the holidays. Totally understandable! But as I told my client, “You can start your new year on December 15.“

And the same is true for you, my friend!

The past two weeks, I’ve poured years of knowledge, research and experience out my heart to help you design an extraordinary year. Two weeks ago, I’ve provided a guide to conducting an honest self evaluation. Last week I provided the seven power steps to designing an extraordinary year. If you missed them, no worries… Here are the links:

Honest evaluation:

Seven power steps:

If you missed them, do both of those exercises, and then come back here for the bonuses!

I am determined to help you design an extraordinary year … But I am committed to helping you move forward through the year as extraordinary things begin to unfold. You may wonder why I’m so passionate about this … Well, I’m glad you asked.

You see, while I was drifting from one year to the next, wishing things would be different, I made a bargain with God: “If you will help me figure out how to take charge of my life, and live in abundance, I promise I will share it with everyone I know.” I have kept that promise year after year.

That’s why I am providing here for YOU!

You may be saying, “Well, does it work for everyone?” You may not like my answer, but I will be honest with you. It works for everyone who DOES it!

Some people think about it, others pick and choose what they think they might like to try. That’s great, and I’m honored that you would find something you would like to try. But this is a SYSTEM, not a pick and choose buffet.

If you set your GPS to take you from your current location to New York City, and it said it would require 29 turns … and you made 14 turns … did the GPS give you bad directions? Or did you stop short of New York City?

This system is about designing an extraordinary year. And it will take you there, if you use the steps, and follow through. Just as you might run into some bad weather in route to New York City, you might face some challenges on your way to an extraordinary year.

But if you keep following the GPS guide, you will end up in New York City. Likewise, if you will use this system to design an extraordinary year, and faithfully follow up with the 5 bonuses below, you will end up celebrating an extraordinary year. Fair enough?

Once you get your extraordinary year designed, here are five bonuses that will keep you going like an energizer bunny til you hit every target!


This is critically important. We live in an unaccountable society. We can now hide behind Facebook, or other social media and present to the world what we want them to see (without any requirement to be authentic with it). 

We also tend to think that we will always make the right choices, but if we don’t, it’s okay … because no one will know. And you are correct … without accountability no one will know. But you will know!

We NEED accountability. And in addition, everyone needs a cheerleader. But along with an encourager, we also need someone who is courageous enough to challenge us to being our very best at all times! Accountability is just that. Someone who will cheer us on, but also courageously and graciously challenge us.

The 12-step program has helped many people overcome various addictions, habits, and hurts by encouraging safe meetings where you can tell the truth, and suggesting everyone walk with a sponsor (their word for an accountability partner). Success in that program is often associated with having a sponsor. And with using the sponsor’s wisdom and knowledge to be challenged forward into their sobriety.

The same concept is true when we design an extraordinary year. We need an accountability partner.

Here are the criteria that you should be seeking when looking for an accountability partner:

  • Someone who you admire and/or respect
  • Someone who lives a life that appears to be authentic
  • Someone who will be consistent in walking with you
  • Someone who cheers you on and encourages you
  • Someone who is courageous enough to hold your feet to the fire (without using excess shame) when you get off track

Rarely is your spouse the correct accountability partner. You may be the exception, but usually, people are best served by someone who is of the same gender and lives outside your home.

All of us are more likely to stay closer to the course we need to be traveling to reach our targets when there is someone to be accountable to.

If you have more than one person that you are being accountable to, it’s often a good idea for all of those serving in your accountability group to have one another’s contact info to check in occasionally.

People often say, “I don’t have anyone that interested in my life.” If that is the case, you may have to step outside your comfort zone to create some new relationships. Through support groups, through 12 step programs, through your church or synagogue, through your place of employment, through neighbors.

Last year, I had someone place an ad on the app. It listed the criteria above, and then stated that the pay was one free breakfast, lunch or dinner weekly at the place of their choice. He found an excellent accountability partner, a man that was 20 years his senior, that is now a dear friend.

I cannot stress how important accountability is.

I have invited someone new into my accountability circle this year. She is a very busy and greatly respected author. I have met her a few times, but do not know her all that well.  I almost did not send the email, but I thought, “The worst that could happen is she may have to decline because she simply doesn’t have the time. And that won’t be about me, it will be about her schedule.“

I was willing to take the risk and sent the email.  Her response was very short: “I would be honored to do so. Please let me know how I can best serve you as your accountability mentor. WOW!

Take a risk and find someone!


Either the night before, or early in the morning, plan your day. I believe the evening before is best so that you can hit the floor the next morning with direction.

In this daily planning, I select three activities for the next day that will “move the needle” on my extraordinary year. Then I schedule blocks of time to spend in those activities.

Tony Robbins and Michael Hyatt both say similar things: “If you think about it, it’s a wish. If you schedule it, it’s a PLAN!” If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That’s not just a “catchy saying” … it’s truth!

It’s easy for all of us to allow “tasks” or “errands” or “stuff” to direct our days. You may need to use your time more wisely in order to get things done and still have time to move the needle on your extraordinary year.

You may have to spend less time on your cell phone, less time on social media, and less time in front of the television. The first time I designed an extraordinary year, I took massive immediate action to “create more time:”

  • I sold my TV
  • I got up an hour and a half earlier
  • I learned to use “NET” time (No Extra Time). For example, I read my proclamation, my power word and phrases and targets aloud while I worked out. I used drive time to take audio courses, etc.

Then I was able to do the extra items that it took to move the needle on my extraordinary year. Plan your day, and make room for the important things!


There is something so powerful about keeping your targets, your power word and your proclamation visible. I keep mine everywhere.

  • On the wall in my workout room
  • In the front of my daily planner
  • On my desk
  • In my car
  • In my photos on my IPhone, on my iPad and on my MacBook 

There’s something about seeing them, even outside the time I read them aloud daily, that keeps me inspired and on point. It will help you too.

There is even an app that you can use to make a movie and include your targets, proclamation and power word! Mind Movies is the name of the app. You can choose music for the background, and make a short video to watch. The first time I made mine, I was driving quite a distance in traffic with lots of long lights daily. I usually had time to watch it while sitting at stop lights.

Research has shown that keeping it visible increases your chances of accomplishing your extraordinary year by 70%!

I want you to be one of those who has an extraordinary year. What are you willing to do to make it all highly visible?


Each week, on Sunday evening, I review my past week. I see how much I moved the needle on my extraordinary year with my activity, with how I used my time, and by reviewing what I accomplished.

I assess and identify my three most important accomplishments. If I see that I made major progress or hit some significant mile markers, I celebrate! I reward myself well!

We all need celebrations. But we must choose our celebrations wisely. For example: some people who have targets regarding lifestyle changes in eating, exercise and energy would be amiss to make their celebrations a trip to Baskin Robbins.

During the first year of being sugar free, everyone wanted me to celebrate with a cinnamon roll or a butterscotch shake (some of my favorite treats). But I knew that was counterproductive. Instead, I would buy myself a new pair of Calvin Klein jeans.

Celebrating ourselves keeps us energized and focused!

Take some time and decide on your mile markers, and how you will celebrate you!


We cut the time it takes to move forward dramatically with coaching and/or mentoring. We can gain insights and wisdom that could take months or years to learn on our own.

When I was beginning my practice, I simply had no money for business coaching, and I didn’t know who could mentor me. Finally I found a coaching situation that I thought could be a major game changer for me.

I already had a part time job interpreting for the deaf, and was working 10-15 hours a week on my practice. But I knew I had been successful as a server previously, so I got a position in a high-end steak restaurant to fund my coaching. I paid for my coaching program in three months, and within three more months, my practice was almost at capacity as a result of the coaching.

I cannot say enough about coaching programs. Find the right one for you!

Throughout the years, I have enrolled in various coaching programs to make changes in my career:

  • From a group practice to treatment centers
  • From seeing clients to training Coaches
  • From local workshops to workshops around the globe
  • And now from in-person workshops to virtual workshops (also, not instead of, in-person workshops)

Between those times, I almost always had a mentor. When we are “one man bands” we miss so much opportunity, can easily lose our focus, and may even lose our momentum. Don’t let that happen to you!

It’s not only “okay” to ask for help, it is wise!

This truly can tfuttfuftuftuuftftuuftube an extraordinary year for you! I believe this is your moment to step into extraordinary! Don’t miss your moment! 

If I can be of encouragement to you, or provide you with additional information, please private message me or send me an email at I am cheering you on! You can do this! Step into an extraordinary year.

Then will you do me a personal favor? Would you be willing to help someone else do the same? They need help designing their extraordinary year too!

cTogether, we can make a difference!