What Graduates Are Saying


From All Over the World!

Noiko, Amori, Japan

“I have been able to help so many of my friends and colleagues with all I learned. It has increased my business, finances and influence significantly.”

Julie, Carrollton, TX

“I came into coach training with a mountain of fear and I exited with mere crumbs. I learned that I did not have to live with fear. The choice to combat fear was mine. Only I did not know that I had that choice. Coach training armed me for combat. Fear is not commandant over my
life anymore! Peace is…God is!”

Michael, Richardson, TX

“An awesome time of learning how to help others find healing. Not for the faint of heart!

Gwen, Grand Prairie, TX

“I believe this training is very valuable to the healing process people need to live free and freedom is so refreshing! People should expect to be shaken in a good way and should expect to walk in much more freedom after going through Coach Training. They will also be equipped to be helpful to others who need freedom.”

Nancy, Frisco, TX

“You will never be the same again! You’ll have a completely different approach to life and people. They should come with an open mind and expect the Holy Spirit to show up each time!”