Why Life Coaching Is the #2 Growing Profession!

Why Life Coaching Is the #2 Growing Profession!

Life Coaching is a way to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in lives with profound results in a short period of time. Since the #1 stated reason of employees who rate their job satisfaction at 85% or more is that their job has meaning, it is no wonder that Life Coaching is a growing industry.

For years, I have trained and certified Life Coaches, and now have Certified Coaches making a difference all over the United States, as well as in Australia, the UK, Africa, and Japan. Knowing that these Life Coaches, Master Life Coaches, and Executive Life Coaches go out and make a difference certainly make my intense training sessions worth every second I invest in them and my amazing students!

When people ask me what makes Life Coaching Institute different than any other training program, I tell them that I teach a “whatever it takes” approach to coaching others to the breakthroughs they desire. Whether it takes a group of adults fully clothed in a swimming pool, or a “wrapped in grave clothes” event … there is a breakthrough available for EVERYONE who truly wants one!
Before enrolling in any program to become certified as a Life Coach, make sure you evaluate it to insure you select the right program for you. It’s hard to know how to evaluate a program when you are new to the field. If you’d like a guide to help with your process, you may get a free one by clicking on the link at the end of the blog.

Whether you need a Life Coach or hope to become a Life Coach, you’ll join the ranks of stellar people determined to become all they were created to be! And perhaps you’ll become passionate about helping others do the same as a Certified Life Coach!

I can assure you that there’s nothing like putting your head on your pillow at night and knowing you’ve made a difference in the journey of another person’s life. Research shows that those who do so have more restful sleep. I find that to be the absolute truth!