The Champion Life

“Surely you can help me understand this Champion thing. I need help interpreting what my wife means when she says, ‘We’ve grown apart and perhaps it’s time for us to move on’.”

His very slow speech, with very carefully chosen words, told me that he felt lost.

“I guess you could just say I’m just a country boy. I grew up in East Texas. I started working on the oil rigs in high school. Somehow, I worked myself up in the business and the good Lord has helped me do well.”

His good ole’ boy demeanor and East Texas piney-woods drawl were authentic and endearing. For I too am a Texan.

“Maybe it’s because I’m a country boy, or maybe it’s because I know I married up, and she’s such a better woman than I am a man.”

The sadness in his voice was heartbreaking. The more I listened, the more I felt I was sitting with a lost little boy … desperately needing direction home. It’s like I heard one man say, “We’re just all little boys in big boy bodies.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I’ve made a good living. I go home at night. Every night. Although I have a few beers on Friday and Saturday, I make up for it by going to church on Sunday.”

I nodded at his need for a ‘thatta boy’ as he went on.

“I’m home at night. I know she wishes I wouldn’t read the newspaper at the dinner table. But I put my dishes in the sink and I always tell her it was delicious. She’s a great cook!”

His soft smile was an affirmation that he not only believed this but felt it too.

“Then I sit in my easy chair and watch a sitcom or sports and then, I always kiss her good night. I get up before the chickens do, so I get to bed early.”

I couldn’t help but smile as I listened to his story. 

Although I hadn’t yet heard his wife’s side of it yet, I knew there was a good heart and a good man sitting in front of me. How could I know that? Because there’s a good man in every man, and there’s a good woman in every woman. That’s who the Champion is in all of us … our internal “Jiminy Cricket” (When You Wish Upon A Star) calling us to a better version of us.

When I finally spoke, I did so with curiosity and gentleness.

“Why do you think the ‘Champion thing’ is related to this? And what do you think she means when she says you’ve grown apart?”

“Well, about 10 years ago, she found that Champion thing. She didn’t call it that then…but when she started reading your work and watching your videos…she explained it’s finding her inner ‘Champion’.”

“It was amazing to watch her transform from a shy, quiet country girl, into this now, very powerful and confident woman. Who’s doing some pretty great things. I was proud of her for all of that.”

I asked, “I’m assuming you let her know how proud you were of her and her accomplishments?”

“Well, I ‘was’ proud of her, and I assumed she knew. But I guess that’s part of the problem. I just didn’t understand all of this. She’d tell me all she was doing at the high school; about the young women she was mentoring and coaching.”

I listened and I nodded.

“Then a couple of years ago she began to tell me she felt lonely. I’ll give her credit for trying to help me understand what she needed. But now that she speaks of moving on, I guess it’s too late.”

With great empathy and compassion, I almost whispered, “It’s never too late my friend!”

He quickly added.

“She wanted me to do the Champion thing. She sent me all the stuff to read and sent me all the videos. But I guess I let her down. I said I would, but never did.”

I gently inquired, “Did you read any of it? Did you watch any of the videos? And if you didn’t, what do you think kept you from doing that?”

With a mischievous grin and appropriate amount of fear, (I’m sure thinking I might whack him over the head)…he admitted, “Well I’m not into all of that rah rah cheerleader stuff…and she said something about it being about discovering the best parts of you. Problem is with me, what you see is what you get, and I guess that’s just all there is.”

Then I asked him what he thought she was wanting that she wasn’t getting at this point in their marriage?

He didn’t hesitate, “The Champion life. She wants me to live the Champion life ‘with’ her. And I don’t even know what the Champion life is?”

I understood his dilemma. It’s a dilemma I face in my office often … when one partner experiences great growth, and the other person does not or will not. 

The only difference is…I don’t believe that means it’s time to move on in most cases (except where there’s emotional, mental, and/or physical abuse).

I asked him if I could take the mystery out of the Champion life by describing it for him. He seemed not only willing, but eager to hear.

There’re so many things I could’ve shared, but since these are some of the foundational pieces of the Champion life, I thought I’d share those with him.

And I’m sharing them with you this week! Hoping, that the Champion life will draw you in too!



“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts.  It’s more important than the past.

Than education.

Than money.

Than circumstances.

Than failures.

Than successes.
Than what other people think, say, or do. 

It’s more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. It’ll make or break a company, a church, a home. The remarkable thing is, we’ve a choice every day regarding the attitude we embrace for that day. We cannot change our past. We cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way.  We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play the one string we have and that’s our attitude. I’m convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so, it is with you! We’re in charge of our attitudes.”

Dr. Chuck Swindoll

I’m sure there’s been at least one point in your life when you woke up in the morning thinking, “Oh my goodness … It’s morning! UGH! Here we go again!” As you rolled your eyes awake.

The genesis of the Champion life and the daily living of it, is quite a contrast to that.

Whether you wake up naturally or whether the alarm interrupts your sweet sleep…you know it’s another great opportunity to jump up and seize each moment of the day.

For each day is yet another new opportunity to see and experience great things. It’s our opportunity to ‘grow the realization’, that it’s our daily ‘pursuit’ of goals and dreams, that builds the desire to reach them.

(This Champion thing…it’s really that simple and it’s really that difficult. To accept that you/me/we have and hold the power, to not just change our lives, but transform our lives! But it’s really ok if you do settle and live out your days like you are now. If, you’re being truthfully authentic that there’s nothing more you long to reach for and do.)

My client said, “I don’t need an alarm to wake me up… But I’m sure I moan and groan a little as I consider all that’s before me for the day.”

I smiled and asked him if he had noticed any difference in his wife since she’d begun her Champion journey. With a look of slight surprise and a little grin, he commented, “Well she used to be the queen of the snooze button. I swear there were times, she hit that radio snooze button so many times in a row, I just KNEW she’d have the Top 40 memorized before she FINALLY got up!!”

We both roared! The power of laughter. What a great trust builder…he continued with earnest.

“But now that you mention it, I actually think she’s up before the radio alarm goes off now!”

We both chuckled. Then I inquired what he thought the difference was?

“I think it’s that purpose thing. She’s talked to me quite a bit about finding her purpose. And maybe it’s made a big difference because she does wake up raring to go in high octane mode!”

I explained that’s exactly what the Champion life looked like in the morning.

But that’s not all, I shared. The Champion life ends just as powerfully as it begins. By the time their heads hit the pillow at night, there’s a sense of great fulfillment that cannot be matched.

(A pause for thought…By doing something daily that moves your deepest desires for the life you long for forward…the pursuit will evolve into passion. And if you don’t, for some reason, add that ‘next step’ daily to move you forward, you’ll begin to feel like you’re missing out! That’s when ‘the daily doing’ what it takes to move forward, with gratitude, becomes your octane, your fuel that BUILDS desire! The “doing it” creates each next step for the doing.)

I explained to him that research shows that people who’ve done this kind of personal work:

  • Sleep more peacefully
  • Have a higher percentage of restorative sleep
  • Have less restlessness in their sleep
  • Wake up more energized

My client responded, “Yep! That’s my wife!”

I asked whether their nighttime routine had changed. He thought for a moment and said, “I guess I hadn’t really thought about that. But now that you mention it, it’s like when I tell her good night, I get a little ‘good night story’.”

A bit confused, I asked for clarification.

“Well, I think she always has a little story about the girls she’s working with. And it’s always very sweet.”

I commented, “I suppose that’s great evidence of the fulfillment that she feels at the end of her day.”

He smiled as he shook his head yes.

What about you, my friend? How do you wake up in the mornings? Wouldn’t you love to wake up with purposeful passion for your day?

And how do you go to bed at night? Do you have that sense of great fulfillment that comes only when you’ve served and helped others and made a difference in your world?

Years ago, I initiated a habit of making notes of all that I had to be grateful for at the end of the day. I think that’s something that naturally flows from my fulfilled heart! I really want your heart to be just as fulfilled each night!


The moment some people hear the word ‘abundant’ or ‘abundance’ … They immediately begin to think I’m going to say: “All Champions are rich or get rich.”

The truth is it’s the Champion LIFE that’s rich!

  • Rich in relationships!
  • Rich in success!
  • Rich in influence!
  • Rich in fulfillment!
  • Rich in peace!
  • Rich in joy!
  • Ad infinitum!

However, I don’t believe that rules out, “rich in finances”. Research shows that in the ensuing five years of doing this deep inner work, the average Champion’s income increases 30 to 40%.

I don’t believe that’s the result of just saying you found your Champion.  I believe it’s the result of doing the work that unleashes our gifts, our creativity, our abilities…And when applied to our careers, finances, or our businesses…The result is beautiful!

Or as the ancient Proverb declares (which I love),

The blessing of the God makes one rich,

But He adds no sorrow with it.”

A lot of this sense of fulfillment and abundance can be directly attributed to the Champion mindset that says, “I’ll never settle for anything less than finding my uniqueness, knowing my gift, and sharing it in any way I can.”

And yet again, I hear the Proverbs speak,

“A person’s gift makes a place for them and brings them before great people.”

Tony Robbins says, “Life will give us about what we expect from it.  And those who expect great things usually get them. And those who expect one problem after another usually-get them!”

I asked my client if he’s seen any differences in the abundant lifestyle of his wife? 

“Are you sure you don’t know her? This is exactly my wife! You know, I thought the reason she was more peaceful, joyful, and enthusiastic and all that stuff, was because our kids were all finally gone. But now that I think about it, it all happened around the same time that she did that finding your Champion stuff.”

He paused in a blank “guy stare” that tells you there’s more.

“She told me, when she opened her little business, that she was going to match or supersede my income. I just chuckled and wished her well.”

Do I dare ask?…I had to, “Well…so how’s she doing on that?”

I can tell he wished he hadn’t told me that!  He answered, a bit sheepishly, “Well…um…let’s just say…uh…she’s very close! And gaining,” he said with a perplexed nod and tightening lips.

I told him “I’m very delighted that’s part of her abundant life. But do you believe that part of her new abundance is because she loves and enjoys her life now?”

He responded, “I think the greatest fulfillment she gets working with those girls is tops with her!”

I could tell, as he continued, that he liked this answer too.

“But I’m also sure that if you asked her the part of the abundance she isn’t getting and that she longs for…it would be for us to be on the same page and for our marriage relationship to be abundant.”

Surprised that he’d offer that, I responded with, “You know that’s possible if you’d like to gift her with that.”

There’s none of us in our right mind that wouldn’t desire at least a bit more abundance in our lives.

What part of abundant living would you most wish for in a Champion life? 

It’s true. When we sign up, work to discover our better us, and change; the whole world changes and life starts working with us, for us! I don’t fully understand it. It’s truly a bit of a mystery. But I’m grateful for it!

Countless times, I’ve watched people that I’ve counseled, mentored, and I’ve loved into this transformation, begin to pursue the call of this…their Champion within. And as they did and do, and reach that first ‘win’, desire starts building, then all things just ‘DO’ start working together!

New relationships are born and the connections for each new step towards their Champion dreams, seem to author themselves. Powered by a truth they no longer ignored: “I’d rather fail trying, than die wondering…what if?!”

Now, instead of life moving away from them, life keeps moving towards them!  They now believe life is for them, not against them, and they gratefully live the Champion they knew was in there all the while.


Champions are always looking ahead. The truth is…most people look ahead. The difference is…most people are looking ahead with worry. Here’s a quote from the greatest investor Champion in history, who’s always scanning the horizon.

Whether we’re talking about stocks or socks, I like buying quality merchandise when it’s marked down.”

Warren Buffett

Founder of Berkshire Hathaway

Champions are scanning the horizons for opportunities and strategies to make their marriage better, their family better, their business better, their whole life better. 

But when I say this, many people look confounded. And often ask me what that looks like or means for ‘them’ in their day-to-day life? Some sample examples…

  • They do not wait until Christmas Eve to plan a great Christmas for their spouse/partner, family, employees, business associates, etc.
  • They take care of their health and look for ways to become even healthier, more vibrant, more energetic
  • They make certain that their spouse’s/partner’s love tanks are full to always overflowing…so that when they slip up or have a bad day, it does not take their partner to emotional bankruptcy.
  • They regularly seek opportunities to serve others in a way that will make a difference
  • They celebrate their wins, but then roll up their sleeves immediately to work on the next win.

(This is when the lack of dopamine causes many people to rest on a win and go into “coast mode” and become a one act wonder… Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that gives us that over-the-top feeling of…I/we did it!)

Don’t misunderstand me. It’s always OK to take a trip or take a break following a win. However, because I understand the huge risk of allowing the lack of dopamine to control me, I first take steps in starting my next win before that trip away or time off. And I set a limit for the time I’ve allotted to relax and celebrate my win. 

(Don’t feel overwhelmed when I share my life style now…it took me time too…the key you is to jump in and join us and step by step you’ll build the desire for the changes you’ll want and need to make living out your abundance!)

Years ago, one of my greatest mentors and friend, Vikki Burke, explained this concept of living offensively from a spiritual perspective.

Although at the time, I was living my life like most of us do, putting out one fire and then finding another one popping up. You know…that whack-a-mole way of living.

But when I heard this Champion concept, I realized that when the offense gets the ball…they run with it. (YES! I’m a football fan! Longhorns, Crimson Tide, Cowboys, Titans…don’t hate me!) I realized; I was going to have to run out in front of life’s challenges if I was to ever have a Champion style life.

Here’s what Vikki Burke shared with me (Well, truthfully, not just to me personally, but a group of us. But what she said felt so personal, timely, and on target…I often say that she said it to me and just me!)

This is the faith I live by…Jesus gave us “power of attorney” to use His name and His authority. It says “Whatever you forbid on earth is what will be forbidden in heaven. Whatever you permit on earth is what will be permitted in heaven.” The key here is what “we” forbid or permit.

I forbid appliances, cars, houses, even my body, etc. to breakdown. And Jesus promised all of heaven would back my declaration.

Jesus also revealed that He authors abundant life but the enemy authors, anything that steals, kills, and destroys. So broken cars, washers, and our body breaking down is without question authored by the enemy. We can prevent any killing, stealing, and destroying in our life when we live what I call “offensive” living rather than “defensive” living. By that I mean we use our God-given authority daily to forbid sickness, stealing, destruction, etc. in our lives. By doing that we’re daily building a hedge of protection around us that cannot be torn down unless we use our own words against ourselves (like Job did). And Jesus said heaven backs what we declare, therefore we experience fewer and fewer incidents. Rarely does the enemy’s fiery dart get through the hedge we’ve built.

So many Christians have things happen because they live defensively, only praying or applying their authority after they’ve been attacked. But we can begin building an impenetrable wall against attacks. Of course, it takes building the wall before enjoying it. In other words, it doesn’t happen overnight.

I asked my client if he could see any value in that kind of life. In true transparency, he chuckled and admitted, “I didn’t know there was any other way to live other than the whack-a-mole life!”

He continued, very present.

“But once again, you’re speaking about my wife. Even on the spiritual part. She came home from a ladies Bible study about a month ago and asked me, ‘If we were going to stay together…what do you think we can do offensively to get our marriage back on track and take it to a higher place?’”

He waited just a bit…then realized I was waiting on him to report his response to her.

“I guess you’re going to say I missed a great moment. I just looked at her and said, ‘Well if you figure out something I guess I’ll participate as long as it works for my schedule.’”

With an understanding grin, I gave him a thumbs down sign! I inquired, “Do you think there’s any relationship between your response to that, and her suggestion that it might be time to move on?”

With an expression that suggested he thought he was in deep trouble, he confessed: “Well it was about five minutes later. I knew I was probably in trouble because she wasn’t even upset. She just accepted what I was saying in the moment and suggested she thought it would be good for both of us. Then with absolutely no emotion, she left. That’s when I found your phone number on one of the workbooks, she had printed for me.”

Curiously I asked, “Does she know you’re here?”

“Not unless you told her.” Clearly, he still didn’t believe that I didn’t know her. I asked him what he thought she might think if she knew he was here in my office.

“Honestly…That it’s too little, too late!”

I told him that although I didn’t know her, I had a different thought, “Perhaps she’d see it as the first offensive and preventive thing you’ve ever done for your marriage.”

With no hesitation he blurted, “That’s for darn sure!”

There’s something to be said about anyone, like this client, who decides all on their own, that the ‘real’ solution to intimate relationships begins with knowing/learning how and what needs to change in-them. After a life of trying to ‘fix it’…humility is the only soul-door that leads to every truth that can truly fix it. I’ve watched it happen over and over again; everyone admires anyone who makes this kind of humble decision, takes action and finishes.

What about you?

Is your life about being lived offensively?

And preventively?

Not in fear!

But a life scanning the horizon … for great things ahead?

If not, the Champion life is waiting! I invite you…come join us! I’m not sure who authored this quote below, but the truth is every Champion that’s ever lived, learned to live in the moment, ever present, always moving forward.

“If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.”

Time to conquer the voices, the feelings, the persons, the places that give you even a hint, that it’s not ok for you to be…yes…YOU!

I live and breathe to make this your new truth…we can do this!


It becomes a part of the nature of a Champion.

They look for ways to make a difference. In the lives of their spouses/partners, in their children, in their coworkers, in their business, in their neighborhood or community.

I love the story that Dr. John Gottman often tells, about he and his wife Julie.

Dr. Julie and Dr. John are authors of many books, but most importantly, they’ve conducted the most extensive research and contributed the greatest results, in the field of marriage and family therapy, in the history of our profession.

John tells a story about noticing Julie’s sadness as she was brushing her hair one evening. Although he was looking forward to reading the end of his mystery novel, he instead commented that she looked sad, and took her brush from her, and began lovingly brushing her hair.

Listening to Julie describe what happened in her at that moment was deeply touching. He’d been looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the world of the love of his life. And he delivered!

Not only did he do the research that indicated how much these efforts to connect and heal influence the direction of our marriages…but how refreshing to hear how he has taken it to heart and made it a practice in his own marriage.

I told my client the story and asked if he had that kind of attunement … looking for ways to make a difference with his wife.

I was pretty sure the blank stare in his eyes answered the question. But I waited.

“I must admit, I don’t know anything about any of that.  And I’m pretty sure if I noticed my wife was sad, she’d ask who I was? And what happened to her husband?”

With a sad lostness he continued.

“That word attuned…she said that to me once. I think she said I was never attuned to her. But I didn’t say anything because I didn’t even know what it meant.”

I waited.

“So no, I assume that what she needs from me is to make a good living, be a good man, and be a good husband and father. But I’m pretty sure what you’re saying is that’s a great foundation, but that’s nothing more than a slab of concrete (so to speak) with ‘nothing’ built on top of it.”

I nodded and thanked him for his insight and confession.

I asked him if he could think of some things that he might look for where he could make a difference?

“I guess take the trash out before I have to step over piles of it to get to it,” He chuckled, “But I guess that’s more foundation stuff.”

He paused in thought.

“Oh, I know what you want me to say…start reading and watching the videos on that Champion stuff.”

I had to laugh and said, “Well I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s a pretty brilliant idea!”

We both laughed.

The Champion life is always looking for those opportunities to build desire.

  • For the chance to help someone who’s struggling, by rolling up their sleeves, or offering a word of encouragement.
  • For digging deep for just the right words when someone is asking for guidance.
  • For making contributions of finances, resources, or information that might mean the world to someone.
  • And for responding to someone with kindness, when they’re expecting rightful anger.

Just a few days ago, I was driving home from getting some cords that I needed to do some video recording for a workshop. Someone pulled out of a parking lot and over corrected and hit my passenger side door and fender, pushing me into another lane where I was almost hit again.

As we both pulled over, and a very dreaded and sheepish expression, the driver said to me, “Are you OK? I’m so sorry!”

He looked like he was bracing for a raging fight.

However, I saw on his license plate the word “disabled veteran.” I smiled, extended my hand to shake his and introduced myself. Then quickly asked, “Which branch of the service did you serve in?”

With a cheerful expression he almost whispered, “The Army.”

I thanked him for his service, and he thanked me for my kindness. It was a beautiful moment to make a difference.

I asked my client how he could make a difference with his employees?

Or with his children?

He began with his son.

“Interesting that you shared that story, because my son had a wreck last week, and called to ask me some questions about whether he should try to drive his vehicle. He described the condition of his car, and I said that he shouldn’t drive it. But call Triple A or someone to tow it.”

I could tell he was empathizing over this exchange.

“I’m sure he was a bit scared because he’d never had an accident. I could’ve made a difference by asking him exactly where he was and driving over to help him. Honestly, it just never crossed my mind.”

He paused in thought and then continued.

“As for my employees, a lot of them have been hit hard by Covid. Maybe, I could get my wife to help me order and put together some Thanksgiving baskets for them and their families.”

I could see him tearing up at the thought as he continued.

“That’s right up my wife’s alley! She’d love to help me with that.”

I nodded and added, “And I bet she’d be so very proud of you!”

He nodded as he choked up trying to push it down and then responded, “Oh…Is that something a Champion would do?”

I nodded affirmatively. Then added, “And once you’ve done it, a real Champion looks for ways to do these things again and again! That’s the way they live life.”

Going through each day looking for ways to make a difference is truly the Champion’s way.

Each of us desires to make a difference. However, sometimes we can get caught up in thinking that we need to

  • Make a $10,000 donation to make a difference.
  • Or invent a new piece of machinery that would help farmers.
  • Or formulate a new way to treat cancer, etc.

All of those are great ways to make a difference.

But just remember this, sometimes a tender “I love you and I’m here for you” can make the difference in whether a person chooses life or death.

How can you make a difference in someone’s life today?

Yes, it takes work and time to shift our brains from a ‘just settle mode’ to a moment-by-moment mindset of giving, growing, and going.

One life (the Champion life) leads to adventure.

The other life leads to … “what if’s”.

When you become your own Champion, that’s when life takes care of you and those you love…We can do this!


Why does this seem so much easier for a Champion than others?

Because all four things I’ve shared so far-are true and part of who they’ve become.

Their lives are very rich.

They have so very much to be grateful for!






Eckhart Tolle

I love to share the science about the power of gratitude. Many times, people misunderstand when I say we should live from a place of gratitude. They think or are afraid I mean:

  • To be excited when bad stuff happens
  • To ignore life changes and challenges
  • To become some kind of ‘psychotic’ who’s actually thankful when their worlds fall part

Of course, that’s not what I mean.

However, there’s a great proverb that says:

“In everything, give thanks.”

Some people misinterpret that to mean that we’re supposed to give thanks for horrible things. Not!

The science I’d like to share is about some of the newest research in neuropsychology. There’s no question that our world is drowning in depression, anxiety, and anger.

Although I’m not against medication for these things at all, there’s a powerful antidote, that when practiced, dries up all angst!

Research has indicated that when we are depressed, anxious, agitated (or just plain mad) our heart rates and our brain waves are totally out of sync.

However, if within 90 seconds of being aware of depression, anxiety, or anger, just 3 minutes of gratitude brings our heart waves/rates and brain waves back into sync.

In that condition, our brains secrete neurohormones that can literally wash away depression, anxiety, and/or anger…with just 3 minutes of gratitude!

(No wonder the ancient scriptures are FULL of verses that call us to be grateful…meditative thankfulness can change our thoughts, our feelings, our hopes, our desires, our brain, ourselves!)

It doesn’t necessarily transform what’s happening in that moment. But if you can press pause, close your eyes (if you’re not driving) and just think of something that you have or have experienced that you can be grateful for… the angst, the fear, the sadness will wash away!

When I’m so upset that I cannot think of anything in the moment, I close my eyes and remember my summers in my grandmother’s garden. And I begin to give thanks for the fresh fruits and vegetables. For the great lessons I learned from her,

  • Living in abundance
  • Catching falling stars and putting them in my pocket
  • That when we don’t smile, we’re stealing blessings from people around us

With my eyes closed, I can hear the sound of her voice. I can remember the stories she told. And within 3 minutes, not only am I in a better state of mind, not only does the depression, anxiety, and/or anger melt away…the neurohormones that wash it away bring clearer thinking for creative strategies and solutions.

In the Champion life, that’s an ongoing process, moment to moment, throughout every day.

It should be no surprise that research shows that those who’ve done the inner work (the Champion work)

  • Are healthier and have a healthier immune system
  • Have fewer cardiac events
  • Have little to no depression
  • Have a little to no anxiety
  • Have better relationships
  • Have greater levels of hope
  • Report a better quality of life
  • The list goes on

As I shared this with my client, with a mischievous grin he responded, “So I guess I should be grateful that you haven’t pulled out your baseball bat for me yet.”

He waited.

“You can rest easy because I’ll not be pulling it out. Not because I haven’t seen how you’ve not stepped up in your marriage, for your wife, for your employees, or as you would like to for your adult children. But because I believe there IS a Champion in you.”

So as not to leave you hanging, I received an email from his wife the next day…It said,

Dr. Neecie, I’m just checking with you to make sure that my husband really saw you. I don’t know if he’s making it up, but I hope not. I’ve a feeling he did, because he came home with some information on your marriage workshop and told me he’d already cleared his calendar and hope that I’d clear mine. I look forward to meeting you, but until then, I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you! It’s the first hope I’ve had for my marriage in years. See you at the workshop!”

Clearly, she was a Champion… Expressing gratitude!

What about you? Can you see how much better you can live if you live from a place of giving and practicing gratitude regularly?

I’m not suggesting that your life’s bad.

But as you read all five of these, is there a part of you that would love that kind of life? That part of you that feels unfinished or incomplete. That part of you that’s wanting the wisdom and tools to follow this desire and build it as it unfolds? That part that’s ready to dismantle the effects of the trauma and hurt that don’t belong to you…and rewire yourself for hope?!

I did! And now I live and have given my life, to help others find and do the same.

Out of my healed brokenness I learned to listen, to laugh, to cry, to hold, to cheer, to wait, to hope, to speak. YES! I LIVE…from my Champion within! 

Let’s do this!

Your Champion’s calling!

I have zero doubts…ZERO doubts!

We’ll make this happen!

I’ve trained, done, and continue doing all I’ve shared!

Now…I live to mentor your future Champion!

Hugs and Blessings,

Dr. Neecie