The Amazing Benefits of Gratitude!

We have so much to be grateful for!

I have been so inspired by some of the Life Coaches in my certification program. I’ve shared with them some of the scientific research regarding gratitude and how it has a major influence on the quality of our daily lives.

In a recent training, Tammy, from Oklahoma, said she was making a sincere effort to record 30 things daily that she was grateful for. Because at the end of the year, she would have over 10,000 things she was grateful for.

Another Coach who heard it late is writing even more tdaily to reach the 10,000 gratitude goal by years end. 
Regardless of how many you might end up with by years end, I’d like to encourage you to jump on board with our gratitude revolution!

If you read my recent articles regarding our Reticular Activating System (RAS), you know that when we set that bundle of neurons at the base of our brain on a mission searching for some thing, it is more powerful than Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine!

It sorts and filters and points out things related to the search we have initiated.

I have my RAS doing around the clock searches for things that I have to be grateful for. It’s amazing how many show up on a daily basis. And it’s amazing how much more grateful I have become. And along with increased gratitude comes things such as:

Better quality of sleep More energy
More joy
Greater sense of peace
Improved immune system
A deeper sense of connectionSweeter relationships

Today I want to give a shout out to my awesome nephew, Paul Grace. Earlier this week, he change the door knob on the door in my garage that leads into my home.

Gratitude for a door knob? Yes! Who would have thought that a door knob could be my top gratitude for this week?

Since my accident two years, three months, one week, and one day ago, (who’s counting?)… I have walked down my stairs to that door with my left arm loaded with my briefcase, my purse, my drink, and my vitamins for the day. When I get to the door, I have to set everything down, because I cannot open a round door knob with my right hand, which is in a very restrictive brace. 

Then I have to take it piece by piece to my car, and then repeat the process when I get home in the evening. All it took to make my mornings and evenings much easier and more efficient was to change the door knob to a lever knob instead of a round knob 
I am so very grateful for that door knob. I get excited about it when I leave every morning, and I’m equally excited when I arrive home in the evening.

It starts my day off right, and ends my day with a big smile.

What are you grateful for? And do you have your RAS set to search diligently for things that you have to be grateful for daily? If you don’t, I challenge you to do so. 

You will be totally amazed at how many things you find to be grateful for that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. And remember … more gratitude equates to deeply connected relationships, great joy, incredible peace … all part of an extraordinary life!

Click on the blue button below and get a more complete list of the amazing benefits of practicing gratitude. You will also find a worksheet to get you started. 

I’m grateful you have read this! I want you to join the gratitude revolution, and reap the amazing benefits.