How 90 Seconds Turned Despair into JOY

Two years ago today, I never dreamed I’d be decorating my Christmas tree with my left hand for the third time! Little did I know on this day in 2016, I would run up the stairs with toys in my hand for a Christmas Extravaganza, and step onto plastic chair mats. They set me surfing across a polished concrete floor, which was a nice ride … Until I flipped and landed on my right side, crushing my elbow and shoulder blade.

I could share a story of how workers comp caused me to have two additional surgeries (that would’ve been unnecessary had they provided prescribed therapy in a timely manner), and countless heartaches and challenges.

But had I focused on that for two years, I can assure you that I would be depressed and bitter! But we do have a choice when life goes South!

So instead of another “somebody done somebody wrong song”, I want to share with you one of the many beautiful lessons that I have learned on this journey.

There is a great book that says “In everything, give thanks.“

About six months into this journey, I knew that I had to turn a corner… Against all odds! I know there are probably many of you reading this who are in similar situations, although for very different reasons. I hope you will take what I’m about to share to heart!

I’ve always been fascinated by neuropsychology and how the brain works. The research in medical journals regarding our brain, and how it works, is fascinating. For example … When the heart waves and the brain waves are in sync, several things occur:
1. We become more productive
2. Depression begins to fade
3. Anxiety calms
4. Our blood pressure normalizes
5. Hope abounds

In moments of pain and less than hopeful reports, I needed help with all five of those benefits.

There’s been much research on how to create a pharmaceutical that would bring our heart waves and brain waves into synchronization. Because those efforts have failed, other researchers began looking at lifestyle changes that might create this synchronization.

Long story short, one thing was found that brings our heart waves and brain waves into synchronization. And that is 90 seconds to three minutes of gratitude, giving thanks.

I began putting this to the test. Sure enough, in moments of gratitude and  giving thanks, I overcame long, dark days of pain (without pain meds) that could have been a slippery road to depression. And I conquered the temptation to just give up.

Were there still difficult moments? YES! Were there still times I wanted to pull the covers up over my head? DEFINITELY! Were there still situations that elicited dismay and desperation? ABSOLUTELY! But a few minutes of gratitude melted all of that angst and restored my hope and joy!

Despite the fact that I am decorating my Christmas tree left handed for the third year in a row, I am doing it with much gratitude. Gratitude that the journey is nearing its end, gratitude that I have maintained a joy and hope through the process, and gratitude that I can share this with you.

No matter the darkness of your days, and the desperateness of your situation… Please pause and think of what you do have to be grateful for. Just 90 seconds to three minutes… And you will experience great turnaround! You too can, and will, defy the odds! I believe in taking moments to be thankful and practice gratitude, and I believe in YOU!